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What Makes A Good Connection In Relationships?

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We all want to avoid that “roommate feeling” that happens whenever you both are “distant” even though youre in the same room.

On the flip side, we seem much happier and content when we feel emotionally and spiritually close to our S.O. (significant other).

How well connected you feel to your S.O. can be determined by your emotional state, spirituality, vulnerability, communication efficiency, and more.

Try this to strengthen your connection:

 Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond.

Always allow your SO to finish their sentences or “ranting” before responding, and before responding, ask yourself:

  • Am I responding in a defensive and dismissive manner to where he/she might not want to share their emotions with me again?
  • Or am I responding in a way to where my SO feels like they were heard, and that their emotions are valid?
  • Are they likely to feel they can share their thoughts with me again when something is bothering them?

Really focus on getting better at this skill this month, and let us know what changes you see!

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