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what you can expect

Henry loves bringing up taboo topics, discussing controversial viewpoints, and being brutally honest with the listeners. His "no-holds-barred" approach is greatly appreciated by listeners who are tired of hearing fluff.

His charming charismatic and genuine desire to help marriages is evident in every single episode.

humbling discussions

Victoria on the other hand, handles tough discussions in a more gentle way, and loves analyzing facts & statistics to better understand the common causes of so many failed relationships.

She still keeps it real on the show, as the "good cop", and encourages the listeners to step outside of their comfort zone to be selfless lovers.

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This husband and wife duo chooses a new issue to address each week. Victoria gathers her info, and Henry gathers his perspectives.

The two come together in the recording booth without having previously discussed anything about the podcast… and produce an unscripted and REAL learning experience for their listeners.

It’s not one-sided either, as both a husband and wife’s perspective is given for every single topic.

I stumbled upon this podcast on IG. This podcast is so real! I love the real conversations.

Kim & Trey

Touchy subjects are actually fun to learn about, and I love hearing both of you guys' perspectives!


We really appreciate how you guys are honest about these topics, but also helpful.

The Williams
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