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Rejecting Sex


How many times per month does your spouse ask for sex, and how often do you reject it?

How strong is their sex drive?

How do you think they feel when they’re rejected sex from the ONE person who can give it to them?

(I don’t mean on the rare days when you dont feel well or are sick.. I’m talking about rejecting on a regular basis).

Sex is VERY important in marriage.

Even if you have a very low sex drive, your spouse may have a much higher one. Maybe you can go months without thinking of sex, but they might have sex on their mind every single day.

Especially for men, it’s a constant intrinsic desire.  

Try this:

  • If your reasoning is always that you’re too tired for sex, ask yourself what is making you so tired. If you both wait til 11pm to initiate sex, you’re setting yourselves up for failure. Plan better, and have your spouse ask at a more effective time. Tip: Set a goal for both of you to retreat to the bedroom by a certain time at night… before all your energy has been used up by mindlessly watching tv.


  • If you’re reasoning is always that you’re just not in the mood, ask yourself why you feel so disconnected. Is it poor mental health? Make good use of an off-day, and seek help from a mental health specialist. Is your workload too heavy? Maybe cut down somewhere so you’re not as constantly stressed.


  • If your reasoning is because your spouse is not giving you enough attention and affection, I challenge you to be the initiator anyways. See if you end up getting more attention AFTER you’ve both had sex.

(Next month we will guide you on the importance of attention and affection, as it goes hand in hand with this, and is actually part of a cycle.) 

We can’t wait to hear how your intimacy has improved, after trying these tips!

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