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Victoria Doss

Relationship Coach, Podcast Co-Host, Publicist

Henry Doss

Marriage Mentor, Podcast Host, Author

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Henry is a Best-Selling Author, Relationship Coach, and Podcast Host at MyRelationshipThing. A divorcee himself, Henry has been helping couples for nearly 10 years as he shares his knowledge and tools for conflict resolution, communication, sexless marriages, cheating, divorce, and more.

He loves bringing up taboo topics, and his “no-holds-barred” approach is greatly appreciated by his podcast listeners who are tired of hearing sugarcoated fluff.

Victoria also serves as a Relationship Coach and Podcast Co-Host at  MyRelationshipThing. She and Henry have been married for 7 years, and she frequently uses their own learned lessons as a guide for new and seasoned couples trying to navigate their relationships. 

Victoria loves creating videos on her social media that educate and entertain couples, as well as blogging about difficult marriage issues & solutions for readers across the world.

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Improve Your Sex Life With This 5-Step Challenge

How To Stop Yelling... and Communicate Effectively

How Constantly Rejecting Sex Is Affecting Your Spouse

Why Your First 3 Years of Marriage Is The Hardest

What Everyone Needs To Know About Getting Married Young

How To Catch A Cheater...

orgasHIM book

Meet Our Best-Selling Book

"OrgasHIM: The Secrets of Men"

Exposing men’s secrets seems to be a new hobby of ours, in this tell-all #2 Best Selling Book!

Book Details

In this eye-opening book, Relationship & Marriage coach Henry Doss exposes the real Secrets of Men by by sharing deep insight into the minds of males, like:

     *Why he still hasn’t given you access to his phone

    *What his REAL thoughts are in bed with you

    *Sneaky mind games he tends to play, without you knowing

    *Subtle signs he may be cheating on you

     *How to confront him and still get answers

& much more!

The transparency in this book is unmatched, as it gives an unrestricted, truthful, and informative perspective into the daily hidden thoughts of men… yet it offers a positive way forward for women to remain proactive in their relationship, to keep it afloat or realize that it’s unhealthy.


#1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Marriage & Divoce Issues

#1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Dating

#1 New Release in Marriage Law

#11 New Release in Dating Books

Print length: 185 pages
Language: English
Publication date: July 2nd, 2021
Dimensions 5 x 0.44 x 8 inches
Formats: Kindle eBook, Apple eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
Publisher: MyRelationshipThing


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