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lori livingston podcast guest myrelationshipthing henry doss victoria doss marvel actress

We interviewed a Marvel actress on Getting Past Cheating, and Finding Love in Hollywood.

robert washington kellie washington myrelationshipthing podcast guest victoria doss henry doss health and fitness

We teamed up with fitness experts to discuss the importance of Health and Fitness in Relationships.

melissa morgan podcast guest on myrelationshipthing mental health in relationships victoria doss henry doss

We picked the brain of a Psychiatric Nurse about the importance (and affects) of Mental Health in Relationships.

henry doss relationship advice marriage advice henryandvictoriadoss
Victoria Doss relationship coach

Meet Your New Favorite Podcast Hosts

We discuss and analyze dating life struggles, sexless marriages, why cheating happens, trending taboo topics, and more.

We aren’t afraid to stir up controversy, give well-rounded advice, and share our own marital struggles.

***WARNING: We don’t sugarcoat anything!***

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