April Edition

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conflict resolution

How money is playing a part in your arguments & frustrations lately, and tips on how to fix the problem at hand.


How to avoid that “roommate feeling” that happens whenever you both are distant or disconnected, plus a CHALLENGE for you both to try!


How your low frequency of having sex is hindering your connection with your spouse, and reasonable ways to address the issue!


A perspective shift opportunity for how you might often view your children.. (as a BURDEN versus as a GIFT)

fitness health
april fitness

This month’s fitness challenge is to run 10 miles, throughout the month of April! You can start by running half a mile in the evenings, and build up as your body gets more comfortable. Follow along in the GymRats app, to track your miles alongside the other members of MRT+. It’s free!

Plus, get our Couples Recipe for the month (Baked Chicken Enchiladas)! Perfect for date-night-in.

rumor report

Kim and Kanye’s notorious divorce, and their new boo’s already. But rumor has it that Kanye wants Kim back??


Watch Henry do Victoria’s makeup… without looking!

mrt platinum

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