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What We Do

We share our knowledge and tools for conflict resolution, communication, sexless marriages, poor work-life balances, cheating, divorce, and more.

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Who We Serve

Whether you're dating, in a relationship, or married, we have resources for you. Single? We can help you find (and attract) the right kind of partner... so you can stop the cycle of bad or toxic relationships.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

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The Foundation

We love helping couples of all backgrounds. However, God is certainly the foundation in our marriage, and has been for the past 7 years of our blissful union.

Against The Grain

In a world bent on re-defining love, family, and marriage, our mission is to PRE-define it... to what God has originally defined it as. We know how beautiful marriage, family, and love can be. And we fully believe that everyone can (and should) experience that kind of life.

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Coaching FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We have sessions available for individuals who are either in a relationship or not, as well as couples together.

We used to help couples and singles at our church study group beginning in 2011. After realizing how many relationship did not have the fundamental tools necessary for success, we strived to reach and teach  as many couples as we could. We taught how to communicate, listen, set boundaries, establish order in the home, improve sex lives, and more. Now, we help couples globally!

Our coaching clients quickly notice an improvement in understanding each other, simply from the Challenges that we have each individual do right from the beginning. Since we are a husband and wife team, we specialize in diverse perspectives, and our clients appreciate hearing those perspectives, All of our clients have noticed stronger and healthier relationship, and become more equipped with tools to last them a lifetime.

First, we offer a free consultation so we can learn about you (and your partner), and hear about your needs. Then we meet again (via phone or Zoom) with an Individual Session.

This session reveals deeper understanding of this individual, allows them to open up more, and helps us to see what is at the core of their concerns.

Each partner will complete an Individual Session (1 hour long each) before we move along to the next step: Couples Session.

In the Couples Session, both partners will meet with us at the same time to merge ideas, couple their concerns, and find solutions. This session unveils a roadmap for change, and truth in the future of the relationship.

Book Our Services

Need personalized help with your relationship or marriage? We can give you tools necessary for your specific situation. Need a keynote or event speaker? Henry is a powerful speaker who inspires audiences while providing motivational and valuable information about love and relationships.

 Do you have valuable info about relationships and marriage that you want to share with the masses? You can apply to be a special guest on our podcast! Do you have a related podcast or YouTube channel you want to bring us on for an episode? We’d love to chat!