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We take you from where you currently are, to where you WANT to be, in your love life. You already have the power, and we give you the tools to do it! Here’s our plan for you:

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  • Session 1

    GROUNDWORK- Who you are, your background, your current situation, deep inner struggles, your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Session 2

    EVALUATION- Your needs and wants, and a full analysis on why you aren’t getting that.

  • Session 3

    EXPECTATIONS & SELF-REFLECTION (PART 1): A breakdown of your expectations and your reality, what you’re doing wrong, and how to adjust so you can get where you WANT to be.

  • Session 4

    EXPECTATIONS & SELF-REFLECTION, PART 2: Continuation of previous session. Includes social media audit, for dating clients.

  • Session 5

    FINE-TUNING: Customized guidance to strengthen your weaknesses. We create a plan for the next 3-6 months of your relationship journey, and continue to follow up on your progress.

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Henry Doss MyRelationshipThing Podcast Host

We help couples, singles, and marriages.

You can choose to go through our 1-on-1 guidance by yourself (5 Sessions for $180),

or with your significant other (6 Sessions for $260).

Prefer to pay in installments, instead of upfront? No problem! Just send us a message here letting us know, and we will get you started.

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“I didn’t grow up learning how to be a good husband, but Henry’s coaching has been a key part in helping me become husband material!”


“I didn’t realize how within-reach that the marriage I desired could be, with just a little tweaking. I’m so thankful Victoria and Henry saw the potential in our marriage and helped us.”


“I’m terrible at dating, but with Henry and Victoria helping me figure out what I should be looking for in a potential husband, I’ve never felt more confident in the dating scene!”