Does It Matter Who Initiates Sex? (Sexless Marriages, Rejection, etc) S3.E6

How important is sex in your marriage? How do men and women view sex differently? What is the most COMMON fault for both men, and women, when it comes to not getting what they want in the bedroom? What stops most people from initiating or engaging in sex? How we navigated our first year of marriage with one partner having a low sex drive, and the other having a high sex drive. 3 questions you should ask your partner, to move towards building a happier and healthier sex life for BOTH of you. And so much more!

WE DIDN’T MISS ANYTHING in this podcast. It’s long, thorough, and clearly a need-to-discuss issue that affects every single marriage. We are giving it to you real, raw, and unscripted.

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Henry & Victoria Doss are a husband and wife duo who are Relationship and Marriage Coaches. Their podcast and blog are great free resources for couples and singles who desire an improved love life.

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