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Exposing secrets, delivering truth, and challenging your mind… all of our books serve to do exactly that.

This book EXPOSES the secrets of men: why he watches porn, why men cheat, why his side chick might be your best friends, how to catch him, and more.

A guide to helping women find good men, become more alluring, and to see their self worth. This book points out the things that women do everyday that may make them only appealing to men who just want them for sex.


“If you want to know why he has a side chick, what he looks for in a side chick, how to confront him and so much more, you’re in the right spot!”


“How to find the secret photos? Aw heck no, I gotta get Henry under control. He’s gone mad!!”


“This book packs a punch! And don’t let the title fool you, it’s not just for women.. it’s for men too!”


“Just reading a few pages in the first chapter (Side Chicks), I can already tell it’s very accurate. I’ve said these same things to women when they’ve asked “why do men cheat?”


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