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OrgasHIM Book The Secrets of Men, available for Pre-order through Apple and Amazon

ORGASHIM: The Secrets of Men Available NOW

This book EXPOSES the secrets of men! You deserve to know why he watches PORN and how he stays one step ahead of you. You’ll discover why men CHEAT, why his side chick might be your best friend, and how to catch him. Finally identify why he won’t give you access to his phone.

How do you CONFRONT him peacefully to get the answers you need? Within these compelling pages are relationship challenges that just might save your marriage.

This is the most comprehensive and powerful book that you will ever read on the topic of men. Never be caught left in the dark about men again! Use this information and these incredible tools to solidify your relationship, or realize that you’re in an unhealthy one.


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“5 Reasons Good Men Don’t See You” by Henry Doss

5 reasons good men dont see you by Henry Doss on Amazon and Apple Books ebook

What if you could figure out how to have Mr. Right chasing you?

A powerful guide to helping women find good men, become more alluring, and see their self worth… while unleashing intense dating secrets.

What Readers Are Saying


Great, easy to read and well worded! I gave it 5 stars because it gives real life examples and notes from coaching sessions. I look forward to the next book. I would recommend this book to any young person dating today.



life changing perspectives

The cycle of bad relationships you keep finding yourself in… might not be a mere coincedence. Grab your copy of this book and see which of these 5 reasons apply to you, so you can know exactly how to (or not to) approach your next relationship.