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What Makes A Good Connection In Relationships?

We all want to avoid that “roommate feeling” that happens whenever you both are “distant” even though youre in the same room. On the flip side, we seem much happier and content when we feel emotionally and spiritually close to our S.O. (significant other). How well connected you feel to your S.O. can be determined […]

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Mad Over Money

Most relationships end over money, the lack thereof, the irresponsible use of it, or just flat out illiteracy when it comes to finances. Whatever the reason is, can cost you your love life. We want to give you a few tools that can help minimise the behemoth fights over finances. Most couples fight over money […]

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Rejecting Sex

How many times per month does your spouse ask for sex, and how often do you reject it? How strong is their sex drive? How do you think they feel when they’re rejected sex from the ONE person who can give it to them? (I don’t mean on the rare days when you dont feel […]