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The Crown of Endu: Temptation

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Every man has a beginning, a purpose, and a reason. Nothing is more threatening to those things than TEMPTATION. Those temptations come in various forms, and at the most inopportune of times or when one least expects it.

Many Kings have been ravaged by the enemy because of their weaknesses surrounding temptation: Crowns burned to molten ash! Power mocked by their oppressors! Kingdoms overtaken and made into public spectacle! All because a man could not clench this most evasive of crown.

1. The Money

One of the most prominent adversaries of the Crown Of Endu is an insatiable desire for money. It’s not unlike a king to have money. But it is crucial not to allow the money to have you.

An unhealthy quest for money will pull one away from his family into the pits of busyness, and leaving behind what’s truly important (family, relationships, self development, and rulership). All these become secondary in order to have more money, with materialistic things and unnecessary stuff conquering every awaking hour.

You begin to show it when you have it, and think of showing it when you don’t. Money has become your God. You’ve become dependent on the money to qualify you instead of the qualifier Himself.

2. The Attention

The most subtle antagonist is attention. It’s not natural for a king to seek attention. Rather, he is handed it because of the respect he garners.

Our day of social media and fame seeking has made it fairly easy to be heard even when a man has nothing to say. Attention is the pimp and the man seeking it, the prostitution. He will do anything for it’s pimp, including degrading and setting himself out for more and more attention.

Your crown a witness to the selling of yourself, as you die a thousands deaths begging to be seen of others!

3. The Addiction

Hidden often in the shadows is this competitor to the crown. It’s usually in the form of drugs, porn, or sex. Sometimes, a combination of multiple or all.

It consumes your ability to gain wisdom and lead properly. You decisions become riddled with guilt because of the mental shame holding on to you because of these monstrous addictions.

Now you waver, as a strong wind pressing on the sea. No choice is safe and secure because the stench of addiction reeks from your crown! You’ve become neutered.

4. The Woman

Probably the most crippling of opposition to the Crown of Endu is the woman! She is beyond powerful. She can reach every part of you. And if you are involved with a bad one, she seeks to remove your crown while it is still attached to your severed head!

Many kings have had their downfall at the hands of contentious, evil women. He was focused on money, was seeking attention, weakened by addictions, then lured and finished by with what he assumed was love and well intentions.

She has been created by the world to be seductive and ready to service your physical needs. She’s lustful, enjoyable, … and sometimes deadly.

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To be king is to always be ready. You will be tried, and your faith will be tested, but your patience and endurance will be rewarded by God.

All those in your kingdom will be all the better for it! Men will honor you. Even you enemies will be at peace with you. This crown is extremely heavy!

Yet there is no one more adequate to carry it than you!